Hi ya'll

hey!! my name is Claire Riley im 22 i live in chicago when im not at college at Eastern Illinois University and im just trying to enjoy life. i love soccer and sports but mostly soccer i follow and love Liverpool FC. baseball is the next sport my indians and cardinals baby :D. if i had any musical talent i would love to explore that field but i dont so i just listen to music non stop its very important to me in a nonimportant way :)

i am transgender MTF (male to female) ive known for a while but ive just started to do something about it :)

hit me up if you ever wanna talk or hang out if you love around me


facebook- http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1411260210

Pride 2014!!


i started my name change process to legally become Claire Riley Stephenson… i got a few things i need to do but as so May 20th i should legally be Claire


im tired of being single it’s lonely as hell and it makes me depressed especially when all the friends i hang out with have a SO….couple that with me and my dad fighting i think its time to start cutting again